By grouping Metatron Discovery users, you can use the following convenient features:

  • Batch setting of a permission for all users in a group

  • Sending an email to all users in a group

Groups home

The Groups home shows the user groups currently registered in Metatron Discovery. The group list can be filtered by various criteria, and clicking on an entry in the list allows you to view and edit the selected group’s information.


View and edit group information

Clicking on a group in the list opens the group information page shown below:


This page provides the following functions:

  • Check the selected group’s basic information, assigned permissions, and members.

  • Click on the setup icon to add or delete members to or from the group.

  • Click the email to all users button to send an email to all members of the group.

Register a group

Click the Create group button on the top right of the page to pop up the group creation dialog box below.


Enter a name and description for the group and click Done to create the new group.