The Statistics tab menu shows the overall statistics of the alarms that have occurred. This page allows statistics by various criteria such as importance, when the alarm occurred, and alarm rules so that the user can grasp the current status of the alarm from various angles. Calculate and present.

The basic structure of the page is as follows.

statistics my alarms
  • Alarm Distribution by Severity: It shows the proportion of alarm occurrence by severity.

  • Alarm Count per Time: Shows alarm frequency per time zone.

  • Top 5 Subscribers: 가장 많은 알람을 통보받은 사용자 5명을 보여줍니다.

  • Top 5 Subscribers: Shows 5 users who are notified of the most alarms.

  • Latest Alarms: Shows the most recent alarms.

You can change the standard period for calculating statistics using the period setting menu at the top of the page.

statistics other interval