Introduction of Integrator Expansion Pack

The Integrator Expansion Pack provides a GUI for easier control over Apache Oozie, the workflow scheduling system for Hadoop jobs. It is a module that processes data in the workflow for use in Metatron Discovery. Users can easily design and set up a routine to repeatedly perform Hadoop jobs, thereby obtaining data required for Metatron Discovery tasks on a regular basis.

The key features of the Integrator Expansion Pack are as follows:

Editing and scheduling a workflow simultaneously

The intuitive chart editor can be used to easily create workflows and schedule runs.

Managing multiple clusters at once

The source of raw data and the destination table can be freely designated for each node in the workflow, by which multiple clusters can be managed at once.

Workflow sharing

Established workflows can be shared and managed by multiple users within your organization.

Alarms and reports

The result of executing a reserved workflow is reported through various channels such as SMS, e-mail, and messenger.