View/edit alarm rule details

The Alarm Rule tab menu displays and allows to edit the registered alarm rules. This menu also provides an overview of abnormal scores calculated using the selected prediction models.

The alarm rule menu consists of the following two pages:

Alarm rule list

The Alarm Rule tab presents a list of registered alarm rules.

alarm rule list

The items displayed in the list are described below, and they can be used to filter or search for rules.

  • Current Status: Monitoring results according to the rule

  • Alarm Rule Name: Name of the rule

  • Data Source: Data source being monitored

  • Measure: Measure column being monitored

  • Alarm Interval: Intervals at which alarms are set off

  • Condition: Number of alarm triggering conditions applied to the rule

  • Alarm: Number of alarms triggered by the rule

  • Running: Monitoring status of the rule

  • Updated: When and who last updated the rule

Alarm rule details

Select an alarm rule from the list to view detailed information and edit the settings. The left area of the page visualizes monitoring results, and the right presents settings of the alarm rule conditions.

alarm rule detail

The top of the monitoring status area displays the monitoring period. Click icon_period_edit to change the period.

change visualize range

The current settings of the alarm rule can be modified under alarm rule condition settings. See Set alarm rule conditions for details.

change alarm rule condition

Click icon_alarm_history on the right bar to switch the Conditions panel to the Alarm History panel, where a list of alarms triggered to date is displayed (click icon_rule_settings_edit to revert to the Conditions panel).

list alarm history