Discovery Quick Guide

Metatron Discovery is an all-in-one solution that enables rapid loading, pre-processing, and analysis of large amounts all together. With Metatron Discovery, business users without technical knowledge can directly work with data and gain insights from rapid visualization.

You can perform data analysis with Metatron Discovery using the two methods below:

  • Method 1: Run Metatron Discovery demo site. Enter “metatron” as your ID and password.

  • Method 2: Download the single-mode Metatron Discovery to your local PC. Download is provided in three ways.

    • Custom install: Download the source code from the Github repository, or directly run the build file.

    • Virtual machine: Run the virtual machine image. This is also available in the Windows OS.

    • Docker: Run the Docker image for a quick installation.

Do you see the screen below? Congratulations! You are now ready for quick and easy data analysis with Metatron Discovery.

Metatron Discovery main page

For a quick start, follow the three-step tutorial below: