Schedule a workflow run

Workflow runs can be scheduled to repeatedly run a workflow at certain intervals. The results of scheduled runs can be reported through SMS, messenger, and e-mail.

List of scheduled runs

Click the Scheduled run tab in the run details area on the bottom right of the workflow editor, and a list of scheduled runs will be displayed as follows. The list displays the run status of each scheduled run. Click exec to execute the scheduled run, and bin to delete.


Add a scheduled run

Click + Create execution schedule in the scheduled run area. A dialog box to create a new scheduled run is displayed as follows. Fill out each field as instructed below, and click Create.

  • Name: Enter a name for the scheduled run.

  • Description: Describe the scheduled run.

  • Tags:

  • Workflow: Select a workflow to schedule to run.

  • Period: Set the start and end times of the scheduled run.

  • Frequency: Set the frequency of the scheduled run.

  • Concurrency:

  • Timeout (min):

  • Datasets:

  • Configuration:

  • Variables:

  • Alert: