Use data snapshot results

A data snapshot created through a dataflow can be used as follows:

Check the data snapshot results

The status of snapshot creation can be classified as follows:

  • Success = SUCCEEDED

  • Failed = FAILED


You can view the details of snapshot creation through the two paths below:

  • Go to the snapshot list under MANGEMENT > Data Preparation > Data Snapshot.

  • Click the Snapshot (#) tab on the right of the Edit rules page in Dataflow


In the snapshot details page, you can view details such as data validity ratio and a grid of the created snapshot, and download the results as a CSV file (Download as CSV).


If valid data has not been created, the snapshot details page displays an error log.


Ingest into the Metatron engine

(upcoming feature)

Download as a CSV file

In the details page of a successfully created snapshot, the Download as CSV option is enabled.


The downloaded file is a standard CSV, with each value separated by a “comma” and each row by a “new line.”